Donald Trump to Don Lemon: “Somebody’s Doing the Raping”

Speaking to America’s other self-appointed rape expert named Don on Wednesday, Donald Trump doubled down on his assertion that immigrants from Mexico are mostly rapists , citing an irrelevant article before confidently declaring, “Somebody’s doing the raping.”

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Airport Terror: LAX Screams as Cat Bombarded With Radiation

Well, oh, shit: a live animal was just put through an x-ray scanner at LAX. Read more…

Miley Cyrus Makes Out With and Possibly Fingers Victoria’s Secret Model

Life is good for Miley Cyrus. Her activism on behalf of trans and homeless youth has helped rehabilitate her image among people who once took her for a joke. She hung out with a pig. She also rounded first and second base with Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell, in a video captured by bystanders and sold to TMZ.

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Stuntwomen Say Hollywood Stunt Industry Is a Total Boys’ Club

If you’re a stunt artist in Hollywood, one of the easiest way to find work in film is by joining one of the entertainment industry’s many stunt associations. Unfortunately, this poses a significant limitation on women stunt workers, as many of these groups are reluctant to bring in female members.

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Robin Thicke Knows His Paula Patton Sympathy Tour Was ‘Embarrassing’

Professional beggar/singer Robin Thicke has barely spoken to the press since his breakup with Paula Patton and his subsequent Paula album tribute and his subsequent apology tour. In retrospect, he realizes some of his actions during that time maayyyyy …

RIP Nicholas Winton, Who Saved Hundreds of Children from the Holocaust

Nicholas Winton—whose tireless efforts helped save more than 600 children from the Holocaust—has died at 106.

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500 Days of Kristin, Day 157: Kristin’s App-alling Business Decision

Seven days of Kristin ago, Ms. Kristin Cavallari did a rude thing: She made the Official Kristin Cavallari App for iPhone and Android, which was once free, cost $2.99. Per month. Her followers were outraged, announcing in droves on Instagram that they would be deleting the app and reading Lauren Conrad’s free blog instead.

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Deadspin Jim Harbaugh, Colin Cowherd Combine For A Disastrous Interview | Gizmodo How Dangerous Is A

Deadspin Jim Harbaugh, Colin Cowherd Combine For A Disastrous Interview | Gizmodo How Dangerous Is Airplane Turbulence? | Jezebel As Black Churches Burn, Feds Close In on Suspect in CVS Arson | Kotaku A Horror Game Hidden In The Darkest Corners Of …

Beware Celebrities: How Star-Humping Ruined Henry Louis Gates’s Career

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is a popular and revered scholar who has written many acclaimed books and made many acclaimed documentaries about black history (and was also forced to drink a beer with the white cop who arrested him in his own home, because that’s America for you).

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The Complete Guide To Every Single Terminator, From T-1 To T-3000

Most of us just know a few of Skynet’s most famous killer cyborgs. The T-800, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. The T-1000, made of liquid metal. But there have been a stunning 15 models of Terminator, from Cyberdyne and Skynet, as featured in the movies, TV series and games. Here’s our complete guide to all the Terminators.

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Should You Fuck Tiger Woods?

There’s a report floating around that Lindsey Vonn broke up with Tiger Woods after she found out he was cheating on her with Amanda Boyd, Jason Dufner’s ex-wife. Regardless of the story’s veracity, it does lead to a basic question: Should people still fuck Tiger Woods?

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Quick Question: How Many Rainbow Outfits Does Beyoncé Own?

Apparently Beyoncé just got the memo about gay marriage officially being A Thing. She decided to celebrate with a jaunty little Instagram video featured an array of rainbow fashions and her incredible thighs.

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Google Is Sorry That Its Photo App Tagged Black People As Gorillas

Google’s new photo app update (which separates the service from Google+) has at least one major problem: The service’s auto-tagging feature identifies some black people as gorillas. A Google developer’s response to the situation: “Holy Fuck.”

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Colourful explosion of taste and sound hits party island Ibiza

A performer getting ready backstage at the Heart restaurant in Ibiza, on June 29, 2015

Ibiza (Spain) (AFP) – Take top Spanish chefs Ferran and Albert Adria, the founder of circus troupe Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberte, and Japan’s foremost pop artist Takashi Murakami and mix them all on Spain’s Mediterranean party island of Ibiza.

The result is “Heart” — an explosion of taste, colour and sound designed to delight all the senses.

“This is not a restaurant, this is a dream turned into reality,” said Albert Adria, one of the founders of the project which opened on Tuesday and runs until September.

“A dream of many people. We have sound technicians, image technicians, make up artists, wardrobe masters,” he told AFP during a preview party at the luxury hotel in Ibiza where the event is held.

Around him a group of hooded youths performed urban dance routines as a DJ spun tunes and guests munched on Peruvian, Mexican, Japanese and Thai fusion cuisine surrounded by sculptures and video installations.

“It is a very bold project which combines three things that normally don’t mix: cuisine and art with entertainment,” said Laliberte, a former stilt-walker and fire-eater.

“It is totally different from Cirque du Soleil, it is more in the spirit of Ibiza,” added the 55-year-old, whose circus troupe and its whimsical plots have toured all over the world.

The idea for the project was born from Laliberte and the Adria brothers’ shared passion for art and cuisine.

Laliberte met the chefs over a decade ago when he ate at their award-winning elBulli restaurant, which closed in 2011, and they started work on “Heart” two years ago.

Murakami, whose sculptures combine Japanese traditional art with a “manga” aesthetic, joined the project later, drawn by Laliberte’s creativity.

“I met him a year ago in Tokyo. He had brought one of his big Cirque du Soleil shows and it brought tears to my eyes I cried from the emotion of it all,” he said, while on the stage nearby a painter worked on the body of a scantily-clad model.

Murakami’s works mix with those of New York artist Dan Graham and France’s Miguel Chevalier, who created two multimedia installations for “Heart”.

– ‘Too big to tour’ –


One of them, “Fractal Flowers”, is a virtual garden where flowers evolve into new shapes when they die. The installation is run by a computer programme and it uses motion sensors to interact with the public.

“In every age artists appropriate the tools of the era and art in the 21st Century can be done with the tools that we use every day for the Internet,” said Chevalier.

In a vast terrace decorated like a street market overlooking the luxurious yachts in the port, chefs reinterpreted world street foods with a sophisticated touch including watermelon infused in sangria, parmesan cheese pizza, tacos al pastor and oysters with soy sauce.

Inside the elegant indoor dining room, the offer is even more sophisticated. There, guests can make a gastronomic journey through five worlds — the Iberian, Mexico, Oriental, traditional Japanese and Japanese food with a South American twist known as “nikkei”.

But that comes at a price. Mere access to the terrace will set you back 100 euros ($110) while to have dinner inside, see the show and party until sunrise starts at 315 euros per person.

“Heart” will be open for just 77 days this year, said Alberto Adria, coinciding with the high season in Ibiza which draws celebrities from around the world. It is already almost fully booked.

After September there are no plans to set up “Heart” somewhere else. “It is too big to take it on tour, I don’t even want to think about it,” said Albert Adria.

Laliberte said the project stems from “a search for emotion, and the pleasure of working with these people and their creativity.”

“Though we also want commercial success,” added the showman, who in April sold a controlling stake in Cirque du Soleil to American and Chinese investors.

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An Apple employee tells us they switched off its new Beats 1 radio station after hearing just two tracks (AAPL)

Tim Cook in shades

It’s day two of Apple’s ambitious project to build an online radio station inside its new music streaming service, Apple Music. 

The launch of Beats 1, the radio station presented by former BBC Radio 1 presenter Zane Lowe, didn’t go to plan.

Beats 1 started broadcasting by playing over 30 minutes of Lowe talking to his sound engineer. It’s not clear whether he realised he was online or not:

Then, when the station finally launched for real, it was plagued by streaming glitches. And it finished the day with over 30 minutes of downtime. That’s not good for a radio station with the tagline “Worldwide. Always on.”

We asked an Apple employee who works in Apple’s music department what they thought of the launch. Unsurprisingly, they were positive, telling us that the selection of music on the radio station was good. But they also told us something surprising: They stopped listening to Beats 1 today after hearing just two tracks.

The Apple employee also told us their thoughts on the Apple Music streaming service. They echoed what many early reviewers felt: It’s complicated. The app has lots of different features and menus, and that can be overwhelming when users first install it. Even Walt Mossberg, a veteran Apple reviewer, said that he found the app “complicated” and “confusing.”

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