Tennessee State Senator Can’t Stop Getting Arrested

A Tennessee state senator got himself arrested three times in one month, allegedly committing an array of crimes that leaves one wondering when he had any time to legislate. Read more…

Guy Finally Realizes He’s Been Pooping Wrong His Whole Life

A note to men: Don’t get too carried away with being the kind of dudebro who prides himself in never putting the seat down. It might just go very, very wrong for you one day. Read more…

Elvis Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas Won’t Let Same-Sex Couples Marry

If you are gay and planning to have an Elvis-themed wedding you might want to rethink heading out to Las Vegas.Read more…

Dave Letterman’s Cue Card Guy Fired For Assaulting a Writer

Tony Mendez, Dave Letterman’s long-time cue card guy, got fired this week when he assaulted the Emmy-nominated staff writer he had been arguing with.Read more…

Dear God, Someone Invented a Comic Sans Typewriter

When I saw this video, my first reaction was “HOW MUCH? TAKE MY MONEY!!!! I MUST HAVE ONE.” I have no idea where that came from.

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Golden Retriever Puppies Love Fall, Destroy Pumpkins to Prove It

These puppies experiencing fall for the first time absolutely love it. They’re not dreading going back to school or worrying about the annual department audit coming up in November that your boss is freaking out about. No, these puppies are just like “HEY LOOK IT’S A THING AND THERE’S ANOTHER THING YAY!” We should all experience life this way.

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Indiana Man Confesses to Murder and Leads Police to More Bodies

An Indiana man who confessed to murdering a woman at a Motel 6 also led police to the bodies of at least three other women this weekend.Read more…

WSJ: Marissa Mayer To Announce ‘Refreshed’ Plan For Yahoo On Tuesday (YHOO)

Marissa Mayer

Douglas MacMillan of the Wall Street Journal says Marissa Mayer will announce a “new plan” for Yahoo this week.

Yahoo will hold its third quarter earnings call this Tuesday.

Citing a source briefed on Yahoo’s plan, MacMillan says Mayer will discuss the following on the call:

  • A change in acquisition strategy. MacMillan says Mayer will defend her decision to spend $200 million or so on “aqui-hires” — those deals where Yahoo bought failing startups in order to hire their engineering teams. After defending acqui-hires, Mayer will promise to do fewer for them — in favor of larger acquisitions that might be able to help grow Yahoo revenues.
  • Cost-cutting plans. “Ms. Mayer is expected to outline cost-cutting efforts. Mayer is also likely to explain her recent decisions to lay off nearly 500 employees in India and Jordan as part of a broader effort to cut costs.”

Mayer is currently under pressure from an activist shareholder Jeff Smith. Smith, of Starboard Value, wrote an open letter a couple weeks ago, says that Mayer should quit making acquisitions altogether, find a tax efficient way to monetize its Asian assets, and sell to AOL. 

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The Most Famous Movie Set In Every State

taxi driver robert de niro most famous movie set in every state

Everyone has that one movie that reminds them of home.

We set out to name the most famous movie in every state — a challenging and subjective endeavor. Some states were more obvious than others. While there’s no place like Kansas, New York has inspired directors ranging from Martin Scorsese to Woody Allen to Rob Reiner.

To pick the most famous, we evaluated the state’s prominence in the movie and leaned toward movies that were filmed in that location as well. The movie’s lifetime gross, its critical acclaim, and testimonials by our geographically diverse staff also influenced our decision.

Additional reporting by Kirsten Acuna, Melissa Stanger, and Sara Bower.

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ALABAMA: “Forrest Gump” (1994)

Even though “Forrest Gump” took Tom Hanks from Vietnam to the White House, home was always the fictional town of Greenbow, Alabama. Plus, Forrest was an All-American for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

forrest gump tom hanks

Source: “Forrest Gump”/Paramount Pictures

ALASKA: “Into The Wild” (2007)

“Into The Wild” follows Chris McCandless, played by Emile Hirsch, as he heads to Alaska to find his place in the world. The journey would bring McCandless to many places, but his ultimate destination was the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Into The Wild Poster

Source: “Into The Wild”/Paramount Vantage

ARIZONA: “Raising Arizona” (1987)

The Coen brothers’ cult classic follows H.I. McDunnough and his wife as they attempt to have a baby, either naturally or through kidnapping. The Coens made the pair all the more real by incorporating a vernacular that Joel called “a mixture of local dialect and a vocabulary we imagined from the likely reading materials of the characters.”

Raising Arizona, nicholas cafe

Source: “Raising Arizona”/20th Century Fox

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REPORT: Fannie And Freddie Near Deal To Boost Mortgage Lending

From Joe Light at the WSJ: Fannie, Freddie Near Deal That Promises to Boost Mortgage Lending

Mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac , their regulator and lenders are close to an agreement that could greatly expand mortgage credit while helping lenders protect themselves from charges of making bad loans, according to people familiar with the matter.

The new agreement would clarify what mistakes should constitute fraud, giving greater confidence to lenders that they won’t be penalized many years after a loan is made.

Separately, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the FHFA are considering new programs that would allow them to guarantee some mortgages with down payments of as little as 3%.

CR Note: There are two parts: 1) less risk to lenders of being forced to buyback faulty loans, and 2) a lower downpayment in certain circumstances. According to the article the agreement could be announced next week.

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Sunday Night Sign-Off: Operator Operator, Dial Her Back

Yesterday I went to karaoke (and killed it duh), but in my not-quite sober stupor, I thought it was a good idea to use the complimentary mouthwash provided in the bathroom. I mean it tasted fine to me, but it hit me this morning how weird it was to po…

The Weekend Is Over And Futures Are Shooting Higher

Last week was brutal in the market. But Friday was very strong, with all the major indices gaining over 1%.

And the rally is continuing today.

Viz FinViz, here’s a look at futures shooting up in early going.

Screen Shot 2014 10 19 at 6.44.10 PM

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Spanish nurse tests negative for Ebola

A Liberian health worker holds a baby infected with the Ebola virus on October 18, 2014 at an Ebola treatment centre in Monrovia

Monrovia (AFP) – A Spanish nurse who became the first person outside Africa to be infected with Ebola on Sunday tested negative for the virus, Madrid said, as Liberia’s president made an impassioned plea for all nations to help fight the disease.

Teresa Romero, who was hospitalised in Madrid on October 6, will have to undergo a second test before she can be declared free of the deadly virus, the Spanish government said.

Romero, 44, contracted the tropical fever after caring for two Ebola patients who died at Madrid’s Carlos III hospital, in the first known case of transmission outside Africa.

She will be given another test “in the coming hours”, according to a statement from Spain’s special Ebola committee, which added that her “health was… developing favourably”.

“I am very happy today because we can say Teresa beat the disease,” Romero’s husband Javier Limon said in a video filmed at the hospital where he is being kept under observation with 14 other people who had contact with Romero before she was diagnosed.

The worst-ever outbreak of the deadly virus has so far killed more than 4,500 people, almost all in west Africa, with close to 2,500 deaths registered in worst-hit Liberia.

Isolated cases among health workers in the US and Europe have sparked fear that the epidemic could turn global and prompted Western countries to ramp up their response.

Liberian President Nobel laureate Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said a generation of Africans were at risk of “being lost to economic catastrophe” because of the crisis, warning that the “time for talking or theorising is over”.

“This fight requires a commitment from every nation that has the capacity to help — whether that is with emergency funds, medical supplies or clinical expertise,” she said in an open letter to the world published by the BBC Sunday.


- EU meeting -


The deadly virus, for which there is currently no licensed treatment or vaccine, spreads via contact with bodily fluids.

Some countries have managed to get a handle on the outbreak, with Africa’s most populous nation Nigeria expected to be declared free of the deadly virus on Monday after 42 days without registering any new infections.

Also on Monday, European Union foreign ministers will meet in Luxembourg to try and devise a new strategy to combat the outbreak, including by freeing up more funds and sending skilled staff to Africa.

Ahead of the talks, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said the bloc should consider sending “a civilian EU mission” to west Africa.

“This would offer a platform to (EU) member states” to send medical staff to the region, he said at a health forum in Berlin.

One EU diplomat said Britain — which already has a navy ship bound for Sierra Leone laden with medical staff and supplies — hoped to “galvanise EU action on Ebola”.

“There is a real sense that this is a tipping point and we must get to grips with it now,” said the diplomat. “If we can deal with it in the country, we don’t have to deal with it at home.”

Another diplomat said there are plans for three nations to spearhead global aid to the worst-hit countries: the United States for Liberia, Britain for Sierra Leone and France for Guinea.

A global UN appeal for nearly $1 billion (785 billion euros) has so far fallen short, with only $385.9 million given by governments and agencies, with a further $225.8 million promised.


- ‘We made mistakes’-


With panic spreading in Western countries about the tropical disease, US President Barack Obama on Saturday cautioned Americans against “hysteria”.

US media have been reporting on a string of false alarms among a public spooked by the news that two American nurses at a Texas hospital had contracted the virus after treating a Liberian patient who died from Ebola on October 8.

The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on Sunday apologised over its handling of the case.

“As an institution, we made mistakes in handling this very difficult challenge,” the hospital said in a “letter to our community” that was published in Sunday’s Dallas Morning News.

The United States, Britain and Canada were joined by France this weekend in screening air passengers from Ebola-hit zones ahead of a review of EU practices this week. 

Belgium’s prime minister said it would start screening passengers from west Africa on Monday, while France dismissed a call by unions representing Air France cabin staff to suspend flights to Guinea.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, speaking during a visit to Beijing, warned that halting the airline’s daily Paris-Conakry flight would encourage riskier forms of travel that could spread the virus even faster.

Obama has also played down the idea of a travel ban on flights from west Africa.

As of October 14, 4,555 people had died from Ebola out of a total of 9,216 cases registered in seven countries, the Geneva-based World Health Organization said.

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